Spinal Flow Technique

'I experienced the beautiful Spinal Flow healing sessions with Sharon online. I had been feeling blocked and stuck in a low vibrational energy for a while and turned to Sharon for support. The sessions were calm and relaxing. I was able to get into a deep meditative state quickly and experience higher levels of consciousness about some issues in my life. Since the sessions I've grown a new awareness of key areas of my life and feel ready to work on these with grace and love. Sharon provides a confidential, safe space and connects deeply to areas of concern so that you're left feeling supported and reassured. I would highly recommend these sessions.


– Angela Sothen, Professional Coach –

Spinal Flow Technique

Spinal Flow Philosophy


1. There is a natural healing intelligence that exists within and flows through the nervous system through the seven gateways of the spine as a Spinal Wave.

2. Optimal well-being happens when the Spinal Wave runs the entire length of the spine – from the base gateway at the coccyx to the awaken gateway in the cranium.

3. Spinal Flow delivers life force to and communicates with, every cell of our body through all seven gateways of the spine.

4. Pain, dis-ease, and illness are indications of spinal blockages, which stem from three types of stress: physical, chemical, and emotional stress.

5. The 33 access points on the sacrum and cranium enable healing to happen by sending a massage along the spinal cord to the brain.

6. Every spinal blockage has a cause and every gateway tells a story. Our body is connected to the physical, chemical, and emotional experiences that surround it and the gateway helps us listen to what our body is trying to tell us.

7. The only person capable of releasing a spinal blockage is the very person it exists within.

8. Trauma, particularly emotional in childhood, is the hardest stress to resolve and benefits from the help of a trained Spinal Flow Technique practitioner to release.

9. Movement towards healing is the body’s natural rhythm and intelligence. Dis-ease, pain, and illness happen when our body is trying to tell us something. The easiest way to ‘hear’ what the body is trying to tell us is by tuning in to the seven gateways of the spine.

10. Healing intelligence is felt by breath, movement, or perception, and practitioners who are certified in the Spinal Flow Technique can facilitate healing.

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Spinal Flow is a gentle, fast deeply healing modality. That connects with your own body wisdom by connecting to access points in the spine.

Emotional issues

Physical body

Mental wellbeing

Body's energy system

Releases Trauma

Connects with body's naturel healing intelligence

Communicates with every cell in your body

Gentle, fast and deep healing process

Thank you so, so much for sharing your time, energy, kindness and nurture with me over the last week. Anyone would be blessed and lucky to have your support - and these last days, I've been the Lucky One. You've brought so much help and resourcefulness into our space as well as so much love - I am feeling truly treasured (and healthier to boot)! There aren't many people on earth who could 'give' as much as you do. What a Godsend you are.


– Jane Maylon, The English Cream Tea Company –

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